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Accredit to APS

In addition to being affiliated to the UQU, postgraduate club or society may also choose to accredit to the Association of Postgraduate Students (APS).

APS is the official representative body of over 21,000 coursework and research postgraduate students at The University of Queensland.

APS aims to create a platform for all postgraduate students to engage socially and professionally with students from other schools, faculties, nationalities, cultures and general interests.

All UQ postgraduate students are automatically members of the association, and are encouraged to get involved with APS events and services across campuses and online.

Accredited Bodies

There are numerous postgrad-majority clubs and societies across the University of Queensland that are accredited to APS.

UQ Biology Postgraduate Club (UQBIOLPGC)

The University of Queensland Biology Postgraduate Club (UQBIOLPGC) works to foster research and social connections among postgraduate students within the School of Biological Sciences. It will do so through meetings, social events, and an annual conference where students can present their research in a friendly environment.


University of Queensland Graduate Union of Taiwanese Students (UQ GUTS)

“UQ-GUTS” is a social club and an international Taiwanese community registered at the University of Queensland Union. The main purpose of this organisation is to create a platform for information-sharing and resource exchange between the UQ Taiwanese postgraduate students. Also, UQ-GUTS assists people who are going to study at the UQ settle down the different living and academic environment in Australia. UQ-GUTS welcomes you to join this big family. No matter you are a current student, future student or UQ alumnus, we sincerely encourage you to share your valuable experience at the UQ or at work.

Students of the Institute for Molecular Bioscience Association (SIMBA)

SIMBA is a student-led organization that aims to assist any and all students who are studying at IMB or who are interested in studying at IMB. SIMBA facilitates professional development and camaraderie among Students at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB). SIMBA both represents and advocates for students at the IMB and throughout the University.


AIBN Students' Association (ASA)

The ASA aims to provide a community and support network for the students that work at AIBN. We achieve this by providing a range of events to encourage networking and collaborations, diversity, and development as a research student. Join us today!


UQ Business School Postgraduate Association (UQ BSPA)

UQ BSPA is an official social and industry network for postgraduate students within the UQ Business School which aims to establish close relationships amongst postgraduate students, organise career-related and networking events for the student members and to develop networking opportunities with industry professionals, UQ Business School and UQ Alumni Association.

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