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Faculty Events and Initiatives Grants

The Faculty Events and Initiatives (FEI) Grant exists to empower and encourage postgraduate activities facilitated in UQ’s various schools, faculties, institutes and communities to pursue academic excellence and help students shape their future. Applications are accepted year-round.


All applications will be for a maximum 70% contribution by APS and a minimum 30% contribution by organisers.
Applications exceeding the 30:70 contribution ratio will be rejected.
The application must be for an event or initiative targeted at UQ Postgraduate students, with a minimum expected engagement of 70% postgraduate students.
At the discretion of APS, grants may be scaled to match expected engagement.
All applications must relate to at least one SSAF category.
Grant values are set at the discretion of the Grants Committee.
Grant recipients may be required to:

  • Add APS’s logo to their marketing materials, along with language to the effect of “Supported by APS”

  • Collect student numbers of attendees/participants to confirm postgraduate status.

  • Add a field to registration to the effect of “Would you like to receive Association of Postgraduate Student quarterly newsletters?”


  1. Plan your event, prepare a budget and seek quotes or invoices.

  2. Submit the application form (available for download here)

    All applications should be accompanied by a copy of the budget for the event and an itemised invoices or quotes providing a breakdown of the expenses.

  3. Once submitted, the application will be considered at the next monthly Grants Committee meeting. If your application is within the next 30 days, please ensure you have emailed advising urgency, along with any requested application materials.

  4. All applications will be considered by the APS Grants Committee, comprised of:

    ·      APS Treasurer (Chair)

    ·      At least one other member of the APS executive

    ·      A member of the UQU C&S Committee

  5. Successful applicants will be advised by email and requested to provide bank details for the grant to be deposited or provide invoices for direct payment to suppliers if appropriate.

  6. The Grants Committee may reject any application for any reason it sees fit. The Committee will provide clear written instruction regarding why the application was rejected, and whether the application should be resubmitted with improvements.

Applications will be accepted until funds are depleted for the Semester. 

All enquiries should be sent to:
Please mention “C&S Grant” in the subject line.

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