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APS Leadership Report February 2022

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We'd like to begin with an acknowledgement of Country and note that we are meeting on land that was stolen and never ceded. Our deep respects to elders past and present.

Michelle Ocriciano is unwell and taking a leave of absence from the role of President. Will Triste was appointed acting President by the executive committee until the next General Meeting.

The PhD Pizzeria and Gatton Market Day events have been postponed due to weather events.

Will has further refined the budget we proposed to the University for our SSAF grant, providing rough figures of allocated funding towards various portfolios.

In response to recent floods, Ricky Lee has arranged 250 grocery hampers to be distributed to affected postgraduate students. We are setting up a GoFundMe to seek further support to fund the hampers, and seeking additional budget support in the short term. Semper Floreat will provide an A3 spread in the next edition to display the drive and any logos from contributing businesses or organisations. VPs Engagement and Events Taana and Anjaana are reaching out to local businesses soliciting donations in kind or in cash (including vouchers). VPs Clubs and Socs Ian will be contacting clubs to request promotion of the hamper drive on social media and to their wider networks. VP Academic Affairs Jeryn and VP International Affairs Tammy are seeking further partnerships outside Queensland. Finally, Ricky and Will are seeking support from Interstate Postgraduate Associations, and UQ alumni, to promote the drive.

Building on discussions in the executive of late 2021, Will is seeking student input about about the long term stability of the organisation, and has provided literature around incorporation and external partnerships for 2023 and beyond to the executive and interested members. A motion will be brought to the March Ordinary Meeting around establishing an incorporation working group. Further, we have campaigns in the works with the NTEU, are in talks with CAPA about affiliation, and will be recommencing our national campaign to increase the number of postgraduate courses eligible for Centrelink support in coming weeks.

The Postgraduate Blog and Postcast are now online, and interested contributors can reach out to

William Triste and Richard Lee

APS Acting President, APS Secretary

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