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Social Engagement

The Association of Postgraduate Students provides a number of social activities throughout the year. Every semester we host a kick off event, as well as either a cocktail party or a ball, and throughout the year we host coffee events, screenings, game nights, and sponsor clubs, socs and local area groups to host their own postgrad events!

We also hold 3 ordinary and one General meetings of Postgraduate Students are scheduled for the year. Each meeting is usually followed by a Wine and Cheese evening.

Cocktail Party (Sem 1)

At the end of Semester one/RQ2, join your peers for a elegant night, nibblies, and a chance to unwind and network with the wider cohort.

3MT Live from the Red Room

Every September, cheer on your faculty at the 3MT live in the Red Room event!

Penny University

Escape the ivory tower and isolation of research with a free coffee and some low-key networking over coffee. On the first Thursday of every month

Postgrad Ball (Sem 2)

Mid-Semester 2/end RQ3, join your peers to celebrate achievements in the postgraduate community with a sit down dinner, dancing, and awards

Fortnightly movie nights

Join us for fortnightly movie nights with friends at the Holt room. Enjoy with complementary hot chocolate and fresh popcorn!

Event Grants

Want to run a postgrad event in your club, school, faculty or institute? Checkout our grants program here.

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